Daily Sketches: A Study of Time (ICM Final)

Since November this year, two months into creative coding from knowing nothing about programming, I decided to start a daily process of coding. Every day I spend an hour or so to program in P5 (using JavaScript), with no specific goal in mind but some visuals that please me aesthetically, and that I try to learn something new (a function, for example) every day.

Below are a few of my sketches:

One day I showed my sketches to some friends. The most common feedback I received was that my sketches are like my visual diaries. One can read different feelings from different sketches without knowing what exactly happened on the day I made them. Another comment from a friend that really stuck in my head was that “your sketch reminds me of time”.

Afterwards I dive into the concept of time and tried to make various forms of clocks through creative coding and my love for colors. However, not satisfied with the concept of “different colors representing different numbers/times”, the only thing I kept on doing was my everyday sketches. Till one day, I accidentally put some of my sketches together, and immediately found peace with the movements.

Therefore, as shown below in the video, the final presentation was a collection of sketches that represent my understanding of time:

Daily Sketches with Creative Coding: A Study of Time from Shelley Hu on Vimeo.

Some pictures of my project from the ITP 2016 Winter Show:

Below are links to some of my code: