Some alternative project proposals (about air pollution)


I tried to think of the “fluid nature” of air pollution: that products and nations have borders but pollution in the air do not. I thought about combining the map of air/wind traveling across the globe and the map of export/import products from China to the U.S.:

(goods map)

(wind map)

(combined map)


An alternative pricing system that reflects the real price of imported products. On the labels there mark the price of fixing the damages cost by air pollution, and the “actual cost” of the products. I am deciding between an online version of labels and the real physical labels.

In terms of the products, I found out some of the largest manufacturing companies from the U.S. in China, including General Motors, Ford, Hewlett-Packard, etc. If the project lives online, it will be an alternative shopping page of some of these companies’ products.


A matching visualization of U.S. largest import industries from China, matched with chemicals that make up the components of air pollution:


Some of my sources: